Wholesale Lots

Want to start an online business but are short in cash? Our prices for our wholesale lots will give you room to make a healthy amount of profit. You can easily make a RM20-RM50 profit per lingerie for all of our styles. Many of our buyers have already snatched up our lots and are selling in their respective blogshops and websites. Please check individual lots for the minimum order amount.

Sesiapa yang ingin memulakan perniagaan secara online, boleh membeli lingerie lot kami. Harga untuk setiap lingerie set adalah sangat rendah. Anda boleh mendapat untung RM20-RM50 untuk setiap lingerie set. Ramai sudah pun membeli dan mula menjual di blogshop dan laman web mereka sendiri. Sila lihat whoesale lot masing-masing untuk mengetahui kos minimum order. Anda pasti berpuas hati.

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